Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sluggish Snails at Mead's Falls

While at Mead's Falls, I saw these creatures. They are very small. They are the same animal I tried to photograph in Killington on the dandelions.

I think these are some of the best photos I have taken. I enjoy looking at the tiny antennae.

A slug's body and it looks like a snail's shell. I did not touch them to see if it was a shell or not!

You absolutely must click on each photo (which will open a new window) to see the large version.



  1. I am absolutely envious of your photo's. So perfect. I think you should win awards for your photo's if you haven't already. You do a great job. I love coming here.
    After getting my cat's site up and running, I've discoverd how to redo my own site. I had a lot of fun flying solo this weekend. My daughter will wonder what possessed me when she returns from her weekend.

  2. I agree with Dorothy. Those photos are so atmospheric it's just like standing there in the damp. But without getting your shoes squishy & wet!!

    Many thanxx for your message at mine it is much appreciated.

    I think your cookery blog is fantastic as well. Of course it went straight in my links

    take care


  3. I love that Egyptian cat thing ... that's very cool, engaging, excellent ... whatever!!

  4. the pictures are beautiful but I still don't like snails...

  5. Magnificent shots! Snails are interesting creatures and seem to make a nice subject for photos. You must have been very patient to watch it move in order to take good photos. Thanks for sharing.


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