Sunday, June 24, 2007

Two Terrible Tales

Anna and Daisy on the porch of her new house in New Haven last October.

Anna (my oldest child) and I IM'd this morning for a long time. The language in the following conversation is (justifiably) bad. Anna lives in New Haven on Long Island Sound in a working class, heavily populated residential neighborhood. One of the following incidents was in her neighborhood and the other was in Hartford, Conn., where she works. I have let her tell these awful stories in her own words. I have added parenthetical comments to help understanding:

Anna: did u read about the accident (click to see the original newspaper report)
meeyauw: yeah that was awful. he was speeding; but i don't know your neighborhoods
Anna: they said 100 mph or more
meeyauw: god; near you?
Anna: the car went through a street sign, then a light pole, then BROKE through a 15 ft section of a telephone pole, THEN smashed into a tree where it finally stopped. he was my age. it makes no sense. it almost sounds like suicide]

meeyauw: makes sense if you are drunk; yeah but there are easier ways to kill self; but this way nobody KNOWS if you killed self
Anna: this neighborhood, there are always people walking and we had actually just got home less than an hour before and then walked daisy (Anna's chihuahua)
meeyauw: and it happened there?

Anna: it is only luck that he didnt kill anyone else; yes
meeyauw: thoughtless bastard
Anna: on howard avenue which is what my street is off of; it was just so strange. i cant stop thinking about it bc it makes no sense
meeyauw: too close to age to you
Anna: yeah, not a stupid little kid, you know?
meeyauw: it isn't going to happen to you
Anna: no, but just luck, you dont understand how he eassily couldve killed so many people u see how everyone walks the dogs here
meeyauw: well it's scared you for sure

Anna: i understand speeding but not that. minutes before he sped past the fire house they saw it; 11:55 AM; before that he was on another street and almost hit a cop; so it makes no sense – like he was out of his mind
meeyauw: with booze
Anna: to drive 100 and up on busy city streets for so long; they havent said yet (if drinking was involved)

Anna: and one day last week i was at work and heard a commotion outside looked out the window, saw a little little puppy and 2 teenage boys
meeyauw: ok; hartford now
Anna: then i saw one boy kick the puppy in the face and the puppy went flying; i opened the window and said "is that your dog?"
meeyauw: OHMY GOD; oh i feel sick now
Anna: bc if it wasnt i was going to run out and get it; thats how i felt; he said "yeah"; i said you cant fucking do that

meeyauw: good
Anna: and he started swearing and saying he can and he picked it up and threw it to make the point. no (it wasn't good that she said that to him) I dont know what it was (she doesn't know what kind of dog it was) bc it wasz such a baby it was a little smaller than daisy
meeyauw: he could've been arrested; what did you do; god i feel sick
Anna: i called the police and told them look, i know that you've got bigger things but this was really bad annd they are walking and you can get them
meeyauw: ok good
Anna: and the lady that anwered was reall nice and said she would and if i wanted a call back. i said yes
meeyauw: good

Anna: but, of course, its really up to the officer that it gets sent out to and nothing happened
meeyauw: well it would not have been safe for you to get the dog
Anna: and i got no call back
meeyauw: i'm sorry
Anna: and now i wish that after i asked if it was his dog (bc at that point he didnt even get that i was pissed_ i shouldve said "ohh can i see it!!" and run outside and gotten it from him and THEN called the police
meeyauw: aaahhhh

Anna: so now i know that the little fucking dog is still being tortured
meeyauw: well he was a dangerous person so I'm glad you didn't
Anna: it was awful
meeyauw: yes
Anna: he was like 16
meeyauw: somehow we have to keep perspective: there are thousands of tortured animals everywhere
Anna: but i could have saved the poor dog
meeyauw: but your Daisy is safe, and mine are safe, and millions of others are safe
Anna: yeah
meeyauw: you can't beat yourself up; YOU are safe from that man

Anna: but it was just soooooo awful to see that ;i mean the dog was tiny; and whimpering
meeyauw: i know; i feel sick just hearing about it
Anna: and just getting the shit beat out of it; and i couldve gotten it if i thought more strategically
meeyauw: how are you going to forget it? you have to put it behind you; ok listen; he WILL be walking by again (Hartford is a very small city so the same people hang in the same neighborhoods)
Anna: oh well, i guess
meeyauw: you can plan a strategy with help from people at work with that "oh what a cute dog" thing

Multiply these incidents by thousands all across the country.
What would you have done? People like this are dangerous and I am sure he would have attacked Anna if she had rescued the dog at that moment.



  1. Both stories are awful. Makes you wonder what gets into people to make them act so. I'd like to beat the pudding out of that brat that tortured that poor little dog.

  2. I just cannot understand people at all. What horrible incidents for your daughter to experience...first that accident, then that slimeball with the little puppy. I could feel myself getting angry just reading about it...that kid needs a dose of his own medicine to see how he likes it.

    I hope Anna is ok from all that...sometimes people give me the (expletive deleted)!

  3. That's terrible, if he's like that at 16, I can't think of what would become when he grew up.

    PS. Meezer means Siamese. It's like a nickname for the breed. ;)



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