Sunday, June 17, 2007

Weekend in Rutland

Female (above) and male (below) goldfinches at a feeder Sunday morning. Goldfinches have more yellow as the season goes on. I hope that is the reason for the male's "bald spots". I hope he isn't a sick bird. Also seen: Baltimore Oriole and Pileated Woodpecker: both in flight, so no photos.

Below: a large clump of Red Clover, Vermont's state flower. This is not a good photo but it is the best photo of red clover that I have taken so far. Seen near Mead's Falls.

And finally, two shots of a spider web on a clothesline. This spider (unseen) makes a coarser web than the one I shot on my cedar post that is on my blog header. Unfortunately, if you browse with Microsoft Internet Explorer, you can't see my header on the blog.

It was a short weekend. I was too tired to leave Barton on Friday, so I was a day late. I watched the Johnny Cash movie, cooked, did my photography and picked and cleaned strawberries. I actually got some reading done.

Wingnut is coming next weekend! Next weekend is a big one: movies at the library, the annual village-wide yard sale, and Bread and Puppet opens for the season. There will be lots of photos coming up.

This week? I have two days of inservice with the publishers of the Growing With Math text that the school has adopted for the upcoming year (NCTM, NSF, and NAEYC "approved"). Wednesday I have to pack up my classroom (unless the classroom elves have done it!). Thursday and Friday I clean house before the "summer invasion."


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  1. Those birds at the top look particularly intelligent ... different to the ones we get in our London gardens ... finches of the world unite!


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