Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wingnut Made A Video

This is Wingnut's first video. We had a small thunderstorm this evening (thank goodness! It was 88°F (31°C)). Apparantly people just to the east of us got the full brunt of the storm. There was a tornado watch to the south of us. The storm here was uneventful but it gave Wingnut his first oppportunity to make this video. I edited and produced!



  1. About Buddy....we don't mind. We waitz for him while he's a-huntin' out there....

    ~Casey, Donny and Marie

  2. OMG - that was really dramatic.

    btw: Midsummer is when the Sun is at its highest (or the longest Day)

    The other expressen we use is: Highsummer - it's in july/agust, when the temperature normally is highest.


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