Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Zorro Wants In

I set my camera out on the front stoop on Monday morning in order to capture the sound of frogs that sound as if they are clapping wooden sticks together. The noise they make gets rather irritating at times. But I love the sounds of the birds and frogs and wanted to save it forever. When I watched the video I saw that Zorro had walked by the camera. He came to the front door (at 1:19) and looked up at the window to see if I was there to let him in. He then must have sat on the steps waiting for me until he gave up and returned to the woods in the back of the house (at 4:40).

I can hear the snipes and redwing blackbirds on the video. Surprisingly, the "wooden stick" frogs are more difficult to hear. But they are there as a constant background drumming. Birders will be able to identify other birds. Last spring on a field trip to the Montshire Museum I did identify the frogs. I have now forgotten what they are.

This movie may be boring to others but to me it epitomizes the peace of my home.


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