Monday, July 30, 2007

And the Winners are… | The BenSpark

And the Winners are… | The BenSpark

We won! We won a $10 gift certificate to Kodak in Drew's XShot contest. Now I can get Frankie's photo archived forever. Frankie, the meanest cat that ever lived; the greatest cat-love of my life.

I have put Drew's Photo-A-Day link in my sidebar for a couple of reasons. First in thanks. Second his photos truly are good. And third, he has written good posts about photo effects that I use every single day (but I never told him, shame on me).

And the final reason I am drawn to Drew: he is the age of my kids (younger than my oldest and older than my youngest) so that mother-thing in me kicks in, and he's a cute one! He also shares the same great name as my son, Andrew

But why "BenSpark"??

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  1. Meeyauw,
    I think it may be time that I put up a Frequently Asked questions section on my blog. Many people wonder about the BenSpark thing. Well, the blog started as a blog for me and for my wife to use. I combined part of my last name and her last name (at the time we created the blog she was my girlfriend). And I liked the way BenSpark sounded.

    Thanks so much for adding the Photo-A-Day widget to your sidebar, that is very cool. And I am glad you can get a framed photo of Frankie. Excellent.


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