Sunday, July 15, 2007


Buddy spent Friday night and Saturday morning hunting in the rain. (He was very successful: two star-nosed moles, a shrew and a vole.) The sun came out for the whole day on Saturday and he spent the time sleeping on the front steps and bathing.

It was a wonderful lazy day so I lay on the grass and took dozens of shots of him. These photos are when he is between licks. The detail in the full size photos is amazing. Click on the photos and they will open full size in a new window.

I am writing this on Sunday morning and it is pouring rain again. After church it will be a cribbage, movies and reading.



  1. What a busy hunter ! Pookie honored me twice with a dead mouse this week ! Now it's your turn to sit in the rain, we had this during more then a months it's only warm here since Friday. Rosie is scared about the grass ! She only stays on the terrace tiles.

  2. The detail IS amazing. Beautiful pics of a handsome cat.

  3. Hi,

    Are you still having issues with comment notifier code? I fixed it yesterday. Leave a comment in my blog if there's any issue.


  4. Thank you, Ramani: this is a test message to see if it is working.

  5. We had a massive thunderstorm this morning but the rest of the day wasn't too bad. I love Cribbage; Mick and I would play it every weekend and on long winter evenings.

  6. Oops; was so busy thinking about Crib games I forgot to say how lovely the photos are :o)

  7. Buddy looks very comfortable. What a greatman cat hunter he is.

  8. He does look so happy after the hunt.
    It had a good hunting day with that lot.
    My Zoe cat is somewhat like your buddy cat and I only see him in the summertime when he wants in to eat, drink, nap on bad weather days.
    Today is a very dark and stormy day and all the cats are in and sprawled around my bed!


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