Monday, July 09, 2007

Cats Tuesday: Buddy and Wingnut Take A Hike

Mom Unplugged had a great post on July 5: Project: Make Your Yard a Certified Wildlife Habitat. Wingnut and I decided to do this because he needs to learn about nature and I love the sign I can buy to put on my barn. We have this huge advantage because we live in the woods and meadows of Vermont and the only thing around us is wildlife!

Wingnut took a couple of hikes and I accompanied him on Sunday to record his activity. Of course, Buddy came along. Buddy hikes in spurts. He runs then rests then runs and rests then climbs up a tree then rests then sprays a tree to mark his territory then rests.

See if you can guess which photo in the movie is my favorite! Thank you to Mom Unplugged! Go to the National Wildlife Federation website for more ideas to do with your kids!



  1. Vermont looks pretty (although the electric fence debris in the woods is a bit much!) but it also looks *cold*. too cold for Scoop and Au.

  2. Very cool! It is very pretty where you live! Well, except for the garbage in the woods. Buddy, you look like you are having fun on the hike!

  3. Wildlife Habitat is a great idea in your case ! I would be rather ridiculous, besides worms, mice and spiders that's about all I have for wildlife ! And the cats of course crossing the yard. Buddy really has a funny pattern he looks like a patchwork cat, different fur pieces sewed together ! from one side he looks like Rosie but not from the other and between his ears on the back he again has another piece of fur ! Nature really does strange things. I wonder how many cat fur pattern exist ! Must be thousands !

  4. Oh How wonderful!
    I just loved watching that!
    We live in a tiny farming town that is in the middle of a natural tall grass prairie with a river running through it.
    My two big boy cats LOVE this time of year and sometimes will leave me 'presents' on the door step.

  5. Wow! I am SO impressed! What a wonderful idea to make a movie of your "habitat." It sure is lovely, and as you said, you have a lot to work with! I hope Wingnut had fun. Buddy sure seemed to.

    My favorite picture was the one of Buddy and Wingnut hiking together. It sure looks like kid and cat heaven at your house.

    Thanks for the link. I am going to publish a link to this post on my blog to supplement the Backyard Habitat post.

    By the way, my kids loved your movie too (great music!). We also watched Wingnut's first movie (of the storm). Tell him we are very impressed with his work. Enjoy your Tuesday!

  6. that was a wonderful video! Looks like everyone had fun. I visited Morrisville over Memorial Day weekend and had a great time. You live in a beautiful state.

  7. My dial-up plays this sooooo sloooow that I wasn't able to get very far into it with the time I had available, but I think this is great for you and your animals to do. I noticed your more recent post about the coyote -- one of those fiends got my cat Chester last year so I will be praying that your furbabies stay safe.

  8. Wonderful video! A cat in the middle of the wood with full of experiences and always new discovering! Kid and cat hiking together! A lovely vision!

  9. Thank you, all, for the great comments.
    In the old days (100+ years ago) farmers used the woods to dispose of equipment and trash. There was no other way. We have found some great stuff up there. There is still an antique plow and manual saw up there we have not been able to get out. There are antique bottles and other household items too.

    Yes, Mom Unplugged is right: my favorite shot is of Wingnut and Buddy walking side by side. They both have a foot in the air. Buddy's walk is so distinctive because his foot always flies out sideways.


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