Monday, July 30, 2007

Cats Tuesday: Wingnut and My Cat

When you live alone for years, you tend to look forward to simple things. Like going to bed and having a special cat under your left arm every night purring loudly, stretching and looking at you with adoration. Buddy is that special cat. Winter nights are a joy because of his companionship. In the summer, Buddy tends to disappear during the night and sleep all day in the house.

Until Wingnut comes for his annual summer vacation. Then Buddy moves out on me and moves in with Wingnut. There are no goodbyes. He sleeps with Wingnut. Follows Wingnut outside. Naps with him. Stretches, purrs and watches Wingnut with adoration. He kisses him!

Wingnut can dump Buddy over as in the photo above. But that's okay because Buddy loves Wingnut. This infatuation that Buddy has had with Wingnut has gone on for four years, ever since they first met.

I'm jealous!

Happy COT!

Note: These photos were exported from video (using QuickTime Pro) that I had made of Buddy's and Wingnut's love fest. They are .png files and poor quality.

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  1. aww.... they are so cute together. And you are even cuter to get jelous!

  2. Oh Look at the smile on Buddy's face! He is one happy cat that his Wingnut is there to sit with him.

  3. That Wingnut and that cat are so cute! Isn't it funny how animals can fixate on one person? I can understand you getting jealous...I would be the! Pathetic, aren't we?

  4. Don't you like the black splodges on the invitation? (wide eyed look).

    I did that for privacy's sake. I'm pretty sure my daughter wouldn't like her address or phone number broadcast on the internet, so I thought I'd better disguise it.

  5. It sounds like Buddy and Wingnut have a very special relationship. :) Very cute. :)

  6. to answer your question of technorati, at least i will try!

    the authority is when someone links your blog or a post, not a link on the sidebar. and after the link is six months old it goes away. depending on how many link to your blog is what rate your blog is. hope this makes sense.

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    hope this helps!

    smiles, bee

    ps: love your cat!!!

  7. How wonderful that Wingnut and Buddy have such a great relationship. I'm sure that they're both crazy about you too!

  8. Looks like Wingnut and Buddy are pretty good friends.

  9. what a lovely relation between wingnut and buddy! Complicity is the master word of their relation!

  10. Amazing how some kids and cats attracts each other - It seems they have a telepatic contact

  11. That is precious. Wingnut obviously understands cat nature in order to get along with Buddy so well. Not all boys do -- I think my 5-year-old grandson Noah keeps expecting my kitty Socks to act like a dog, because there are two of those at this house. ;-)

  12. I meant to say -- "at his house." Oops!

  13. It's not fair is it? But they do look sweet together!

  14. Oh, Buddy looks so content. Yeah, I'd be jealous with Gretchen did that to me.

  15. I think that is just precious! How wonderful that he loves Wingnut the way he does. I know you can't begrudge that love.


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