Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Deer Activity

The white-tailed doe that has been here so often has one or two fawns. They nest across the road in the beaver meadow. The grass is again so high that when the doe stands only her head is visible. At times you can see the fawn(s) if they are in the tramped-down areas I circled. Otherwise they are invisible. I saw three deer there but I am uncertain whether one was a second fawn or another deer.

The doe will soon take the fawn across the road and up the mountain behind me. Last time this occurred, the doe did this successfully but it took all day. They stayed by the road, hidden in the grass. They required a very long length of quiet time in order to start across. The slightest noise forced them to hide again. I never saw them cross but I knew they were successful because I saw them the next day in the small meadow behind the house.

This photo was taken at dusk on Saturday night. When I imported it to iPhoto the photograph was completely black. I managed to retrieve this image after playing with the histogram. There were three deer here and one may have been a buck which bounded away. These two doe nested down in the grass overnight (about 1/8 mile east from the doe with the fawn). Wingnut saw these deer through binoculars. This was the first time he had ever seen deer.

I used Skitch for the effects on both photos. I have five beta invitations left. Please e-mail me or leave a comment if you would like an invitation (Mac only).



  1. How fascinating!

    I see the deer by my house quite often occasionally I see them grazing in my yard. They look at me but don't do anything. I've taken my share of photos that way. I guess they think I'm "safe" and won't bother them, lol.

  2. Amazing what you managed to get out of a black photo! I'm glad the deer haven't been in a traffic accident yet, and I hope they stay safe. Skitch sounds cool - I'll take an invite if you have some left. :)

  3. You got it Dragonheart! Have lots of fun!

  4. That is really amazing! I can't believe it was all black.
    You are good!
    I just love seeing all the deer in the prairie by us but we have some rouge deer hunters (kids really) who have been hunting them out of season.

  5. Your pictures are absolutely facinating.


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