Saturday, July 21, 2007

First Quarter Moon

Evening sky was bright blue. I used a tripod with 10x zoom. This is my first serious attempt.



  1. Oh, wow! Wow, wow, wow. I'm speechless. I've been wanting to take a picture of the moon like that for 900 hundred years. I love moon shots. I love moon anything. But you did a great job. I am so jealous! But I'll get over it. I came by to give you and award, won't you please drop by my site and pick it up.

  2. I try to take a picture of the full moon every month unless it cloudy out side and can't see the moon.
    I've never got anything that good.

  3. I must say your first serious attempt is good. Forgive my ignorance but I thought snapshots like this one you have can only be taken when you are in NASA or using some camera intended for astronomical photography. Very nice.

  4. From what vantage point- the space shuttle? That is awesome!

  5. Excellent shot. Congratulations! :)

  6. Um, my camera would never take a picture like this. Of course, it could just be the operator...

  7. wow great shot of the moon n so glad to catch up on yr whole week's update. yr grandson took a great pic too.the King Arthur Flour post is original..never seen any establishment with this kind of deco. dont understand the bit abt lolcat bible though?
    n u r so lucky to b able to witness the deer activity.
    sorry i got carried away with my comments :)

  8. you took this shot? it is amazing! congratulations....

    smiles, bee

  9. Thank you all so much for your wonderful compliments! I used the only camera I have: a point-and-shoot Kodak Z710. I did a couple things differently, however.

    It was 8 PM when here the sky is still bright as day, not even dusk. The moon was bright in the sky.

    I used a tripod and I think that is the most important part of this. When you use zoom a tripod helps you not shake.

    I used 10x zoom and just shot away. The camera told me it was focused but the viewfinder (I used the screen, not the eyeball viewfinder) was a messy blur. But I shot anyhow.

    The preview photo was just what I wanted. When I downloaded to the computer I saw that it actually was finely focused. Sometimes a small shot will look focused but when you enlarge it or zoom in more, it isn't.

    Thank you all again!


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