Sunday, July 22, 2007

A Fledgling Something

This fledgling could fly enough to get into the brush, away from the house (and cats). It was larger and heavier than a robin but it had red on its breast. I like the foot in the air while it is walking. Any ideas on what it could be?



  1. Towhee? They can be mistaken for robins, and I think they're bigger. Poor bedraggled baby!

  2. Goodness! So big to be so tiny.
    Looks like a hawk to me. It's beak sorta goes down to tear food. Color is somewhat like a Redtail Hawk.
    Very interesting photo, very!

    Glad the baby got into the brush and was safe!

  3. its a elephant!!!
    thanks for leaving your comment
    have a great week
    PS let me know when you figure out what it is

  4. I think it is a quail or grouse


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