Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Footloose Flicker

A poor photo of a flicker but his foot is up there. They don't walk like this. Was he shaking his foot out? A flock of flickers is living in the old wild apple trees and come to dig up stuff all over the back door yard. I never knew flickers until I moved to Vermont. I even used to think they were grouse because of the way they fly off and the sounds that they make. You can see my good flicker photos on Flickr.


  1. The only thing which is missing with your picture is the bird's song because Rosie sleeps on half of my keyboard which makes typing difficult and with nice chirping she probably would jump into my screen !

  2. Oh That is a good picture! What a rare moment to catch that.
    I love the birds here and watching all our 'resident' birds bring their new families to the feeders.
    (I keep bell colors on my cats, the cats hate them but the birds are grateful.)
    Speaking of which I sent you an email about the cat bed prices, let me know what you think.

  3. Maybe he was dancing with excitement at the thought of having his picture taken.

  4. Good pic but boy was I wrong. I thought it was a woodpecker. lol see what I dont know about birds.

  5. No, Gab, you aren't wrong! Flickers, I have learned, are grouped with woodpeckers in the bird books. See what you know about birds?

  6. I've never seen or even heard of a Flicker...thanks for the info.


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