Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Holy Moley!

I'm just stunned and worried: a few minutes ago a coyote walked by the house. I hollered at him because my first instinct was to holler at him so he would disappear forever. But he ignored me. The blackbirds went nuts attacking him and calling each other. The coyote turned into the woods at the exact same spot where the deer and moose cross the road and go into the woods.

Deer were here this morning at 4 AM eating from the apple tree in the driveway. There can't be any apples yet so they are probably eating the baby apples. Now there is a coyote around to worry them and me.

Things to remember: always keep camera out of case. Always recharge batteries while you sleep. Always be prepared for these coyote photographs.

Buddy just came in so I know he won't get eaten by the coyote. Today.



  1. I'm glad Buddy's home. When I lived in Albuquerque our cats were indoor/outdoor cats and we lost several to coyotes (I suspect), or possibly owls. It was really awful.

    I hear them howling here sometimes, but all my cats now are indoor cats so I don't have to worry.

  2. What a scarry thought, loosing your cat to a coyote.

  3. A coyote! Poor cat! The coyote is not afraid walking by house!

  4. Hurrah...I've managed to get into your blog. Will come back later for a good scroll through! :o)

  5. We have packs of coyotes around here and when they get to howling in the evening I go in the house. It just sounds too eerie. The other night one came right up to Libby's bedroom window. That's too close! We also have a wolf who lopes through now and then. Our dog went after him one day but must have realized that he was no match for that big boy so he turned around and slinked home.

  6. I do get blackbirds; but no coyote, moose or deer!


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