Wednesday, July 04, 2007

How To Draw A Bunny

The Estate of Ray Johnson: "How to Draw a Bunny, a 90 minute feature film on the artist Ray Johnson, is now available on DVD and VHS."

The movie at the Barton Library Movie Night was How To Draw A Bunny. It was about the life of Ray Johnson, a mailartist. I had never heard of him and now I want to learn more. He was a complicated man with wonderful ideas. He also had more than one reference in his works to mathematics, which intrigues me. Be sure to click the link above to view his work and learn about him.

Elka and Peter Schumann, from Bread and Puppet, were at the movies. Some of their summer guests also came. The brownies were such a success that Wingnut and I had none leftover to bring home. Elka and I chatted after the movie about events in church.

It was another great night at the movies (Wingnut was bored by the movie but he was exposed to new ideas).


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