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Kat's Cradle: Our Winter Weather

Kat's Cradle: Our Winter Weather
I quote from a comment I left on this post of my blogging friend Kat's Cradle from Australia:
For those people from the US that don't get it (and that is all of us since there are only two three nations in the world that don't use metric and the US is one of them), I translate:

In a normal winter the average day time temperature is 72°F. The night time temps can get to about 46°F.


The lowest night time temps in the city have been around 37°F to 39°F. Where I live is about 19 miles inland and our temps have come down to below 32°F. The day time temps have been around 64°F to 66°F.

My comment: It is the middle of summer here and you are now officially warmer, in the middle of winter, than we have been this summer. Wingnut is freezing at swimming lessons. It has gotten to 70°F (21°C) maybe a couple times in July. I think we'll come to your neck of the woods to get a proper summer this year during winter.

What are your summer temps?
This is fascinating.
Americans need to learn these things in mathematics and science classes so that they can understand their fellow citizens in the world. My college students don't know these conversions even though we are on the border with metric Canada. I don't know these conversions! The mathematics of measurement is part of our cultural literacy. We're failing.

Here is a conversion tool:
  • In your Google search field, type, without the quotes, "convert 18 degrees c to f" or "convert 18 degrees f to c"
  • Hit enter. Your Google result will be your conversion.
Google does these conversions for you. They will convert between metric and American systems and within systems (i.e. "convert 28 ounces to pounds").

If we make ourselves do these conversions enough, we will gain a sense of what 20°C is or what 100 kph is. We need to learn.


  1. Hey thanks for all that, Meeyauw. Our summer temps have been as high as 44 C with about 28C at night with extremely high humidity. Last summer was quite cool with the average temp being around 30C or so. Generally temps range between 30 and 35C still with high temps and humidity at night.

    The summer is our wet and that's when we normally get the tropical storms and rain to tide us through the winter, the dry season. However this dry season has been a lot colder than usual and we're really feeling it.

    Hope this helps. BTW what are backlinks? Shows how much I know about this!


  2. I need that tool as although we've gone metric in the uk my brain still thinks in feet and inches, pints and gallons, ounces and pounds and fahrenheit temperatures :o) At the moment our weather is fluctuating a lot, last night was 11C and our days are ranging between 20C to 25C at the best.

  3. I fully agree with you ! There are only very few Americans who can convert it and it's so easy there are converters for everybody on the net ! I also have to use it when I read american blogs. It's the same with time difference. I know when it's day and what time it is, I have two little watches on my desk, one showing Australian and one USA time. But a lot of them are thinking we all get up at the same time. Fortunately there are exceptions !

  4. oh backlinks. I have a 3 page description in Blogging for Dummies, which I can't find now to copy.

    But I click your backlinks thing on your blog at the end of your post. It gives me a BLOG THIS! window which gives all the stuff for MY post about YOUR post.

    then your original post knows about my post about your post.

    then somebody could do the same to me and it would create a macroblog.

    got it?? hehehehe

    i have four more weeks of vacation and i SHALL figure this out!

  5. Um...right thanks (I think). I shall check it out.

    Enjoy the rest of your vacation, but give your brain a!


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