Friday, July 20, 2007

King Arthur Flour Part 2

As promised: King Arthur Flour, Norwich, Vermont. This is the sign at the small entrance to the company on Rt. 5. The bakery and store have everything that is in the online catalogue, but it's baked and bigger.

The bakery and store building.

I visited on April 7, 2007. That is why there is still snow.

The castle-like entrance to the store.

The entryway to the store and bakery.

You can never have enough money when you go to this store. I had lunch there. The sandwiches are ridiculously huge and extremely good. Half a sandwich for lunch and half for supper!

You can subscribe to a free newsletter from King Arthur. There is a subsciption field under the banner of the home page of the King Arthur site. This newsletter is where I get most of my recipes for my meeyauw's recipe blog. There is a recipe featured every week. This week the recipe is Puff Sandwiches.

There is also a print newsletter, The Baking Sheet, that you can subscribe to for $19.95 a year.

When you leave the store, you see this Baking Education building across the parking lot.

This is the door to the baking classroom. I was going to take a soup and sandwich class but it was cancelled. I absolutely will enroll for another class. There are children's classes in the summer and during other school vacations, and classes for professional bakers and cooks. Click here for the schedule. Also available on that page: free online classes and national baking classes.

Make sure you visit the site. If you are able to come to Vermont, visit the store and take a class. I have made a map for you so that you can easily find it on Google Maps.


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