Monday, July 16, 2007

Morning White-tail Doe

She stood at the bottom of my driveway this morning while I photographed her. One of the cats was outside hollering at me at the top of her voice. Nothing bothered this doe; she calmly watched the commotion at the house. She finally left, running into my wild apple orchard, when a milk truck came by. Earlier the otters were noisily playing in the ponds. Saturday night Wingnut saw his first deer. There were three sleeping over in the meadows across the road. One deer was jumping through the wetlands and disturbed a sleeping bird. I really am blessed to live here.



  1. That's true you are very blessed ! I remember going with my grandpa early mornings in the woods in Germany and watching deers, it was so nice ! But here I only had once a cow standing in my yard,looking at me through the window door ! I got such a shock that I dropped my cup of coffee !

  2. WOW! fancy having a deer at the end of your drive; wonderful photo!

  3. What a lovely sight to have in your driveway...she's beautiful.

  4. Oh what a great shot!
    I love the deer that are near us.
    They are so quick though and I never seem to be able to get a good picture of them.
    Your picture and the lighting is wonderful.


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