Wednesday, July 18, 2007

OutrageousChaos: Attack Deer HITS home!

OutrageousChaos: Attack Deer HITS home!

OutrageousChaos has written an hilarious and true account of a deer in North Hero, Vermont that attacks cats ("maybe the deer had had a 'bad experience' with a cat while a fawn."). You have to listen to the mp3 file of mom's phone call to her daughter. Use Firefox to view the blog; Safari does not do well there.

Which got me wondering: what does a deer bray sound like? I found out: go to Deer Grunting – The Bowsite. If you scroll down the page there are .wav files for all sorts of sounds that deer make and they are quite bizarre. I realize now that I have heard them but I thought they were birds or frogs. Ignore all the killing paraphernalia on the site and enjoy the sounds. I guess it takes big strong men with a lot of very expensive equipment to kill itty bitty deer.


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