Thursday, July 05, 2007

A White Butterfly Moth

Wednesday, the Fourth of July:
After the rosy maple moth and hawk excitement (see previous posts), we took a ride to May Pond to see if any herons or loons were around. None were. The trees the herons previously nested in had blown over. We heard loons but never saw one. We also saw meadow larks and a grackle and we heard ravens.

I used the time to teach Wingnut more about macro photography (see the previous post about his bumblebee photo). While we were talking, I saw this white butterfly moth. What amazes me is that it is completely white, almost as if it is an albino butterfly moth. has no other photos of a butterfly moth this white, so I have submitted it for identification. The butterfly moth is on cow vetch.

After our visit to May Pond, we got fireworks in Evansville and then went to the parade.

UPDATE (8/1/07): This was identified as a White Spring Moth, Lomographa vestaliata, by J.D. Roberts at

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