Saturday, July 07, 2007

White-tail Doe

I move my computer out to the sun porch as soon as I can in the spring because of sights like this. I will see a single deer or moose or a hawk or heron. Or I will see a moose family or a small herd of deer. Unfortunately I have not gotten a decent moose shot yet. And this is my first good deer photograph.

She was standing in the road this morning posing for me. She finally bounded into the woods (with that flip of her tail) when she heard somebody driving on the road. She was never in danger. She is healthy and well-muscled, which pleases me very much.



  1. live in such an exotic environment...i would have to travel aropund the world to live lie do :)
    thanks for sharing the pic :)

  2. correction: live like u do :)

  3. What wonderful shots ! I only have cats crossing the street or some escaped dog, for deers or a moose I would have to go to the zoo !

  4. The very reason I moved to Montana was that there was this moose lying in the yard across the street from a house for rent when we out there visiting a friend. Even though I never actually saw the moose again after we moved in a few weeks later, he kept a trail through my yard, left little piles of dumplings on my front walk every morning and ate the shrubs. I really miss the natural world, the wild wildlife. You are so blessed. Great looking dear. Like he had a groomer. Great shot!


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