Saturday, August 11, 2007

Are You Too Close If A Moose Charges You?

Friday, at Dixville Notch, New Hampshire, I stopped at a "wildlife viewing area." I thought this meant the animals would be happily waiting for us to take their photos. (Yes, I'm joking!) This viewing area was right next to the road (and New Hampshire drivers are very fast and noisy), so I couldn't figure out what animal would be nuts enough to hang out here. I then ran across this sign. I have to post this photo because it states facts that are so obvious that you wonder why New Hampshire used a tree to make the sign:
Are You Too Close For Comfort?
Look for clues.
Always allow animals to carry out their normal behavior and activities. They will give you clues to let you know when you are too close. Pay attention to these clues and you will have a safe and responsible wildlife viewing experience.

  1. The animal turns its back toward you, stops eating, changes direction of travel, or stands when resting.
  2. An animal flees into the woods.
  3. The animal you are looking at has its head up and ears pointed toward you.
  4. The animals are nervous or jumpy whenever you move or make a noise.
  5. A moose's ears are at a 45° angle and the hair on the bak of the neck is standing up.
  6. An animal begins to charge you. Be afraid for your life.
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  1. Unfortunately the sign is needed because there are many Yahoos out there that would try and walk right on up to a moose. Although if they were dumb enough to do that then they probably wouldn't have heeded the sign anyway.


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