Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Barton Fair

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Four month old beefalo. Part of a herd of 200 in Barton.
They hope to begin selling meat in a year (I think).
(Note: read this very short piece about buffalo in the United States.)

She laid the egg right in front of our eyes!

This guy was plenty surprised, too.

She's very proud now.

Another breed I like.

A band in the mini-theater show.

They charged $2 to see the demo derby trials this year. The man at the "gate" to keep people out (I can't believe there was such a gate) of the grandstand was very rude. I asked the old grouch how we were to get into the grandstand and he muttered something. We couldn't hear what he said so we politely waited while he kept the gate open for those who were leaving the grandstand. By the time I asked again, he was nastier than before. He told us "the middle" (which I at least understood because I live here. But what if I didn't live here?). I said, "Oh! OK, thank you." As we turned to leave I saw a security guard approaching us. He backed off as we turned to go. What were they going to do? Bust two middle-aged people for not being able to hear? It was very crude behavior on their part.

I won't pay for what used to be free (unfortunately hundreds of people did pay). So we watched from outside the grandstand.

Below: the rides. I always like how the hills and the trees are the backdrop for everything at the fair.


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  1. Ooooo...steak and eggs. I miss the fairs. We always went to them when we had our kids around.

  2. I can't understand why some people have to be so rude and unhelpful! Hope it didn't stop you enjoying the rest of the fair. Looks like a fun day out....great photos. I've never seen a chicken actually laying her eggs! :o)

  3. The fair sounded like a good time except for that rude guy. Great photos too. I love fairs, great places for photos.

  4. Trouble is there are rude people like that the world over and usually it's their job to be helpful to people. Glad you enjoyed it nonetheless. Great photos.

  5. enjoyed looking at your local fair.
    It sure bigger then ours. We haven't had a carnival at our before.

  6. It looks like it was a lot of fun. Our fair is next week but living in suburban London there wont be any livestock!


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