Wednesday, August 29, 2007

CameraPorn: Shooting The Moon

Shooting the Moon: How I Shot The Lunar Eclipse and Tips For Better Moon Photography at CameraPorn
Shoot RAW (the higher dynamic range and detail will help for post-processing)
Camera set to manual mode 1/250th shutter speed
Somewhere in the neighborhood of f/8 - f/11 aperture ISO 100 for minimum noise Mirror-lockup enabled (when available)
Lens set to manual focus
NOW they tell me! I spent that evening before the eclipse taking 100 photos of the moon and they all were rotten. I see now that my first mistake was the 400 ISO. I don't know why I didn't change it. But I was convinced (am convinced) that higher numbers make better photos.

rygood includes info for point-and-shoots like mine.

I think this ISO thing will also solve my new problem of way too much noise lately in my photos. I thought it was the new iPhoto but now I'm convinced that I have to drop down as low as I can go for macros.

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