Monday, August 13, 2007

Cats Tuesday: Killers

Zorro (left) and Buddy (right) resting with their laser eyes,
stiletto claws and one snaggle tooth
(Some clever person needs to macro this shot.)

The neighbors that live up higher on the mountain have a male ginger tabby. This cat thinks that my land is his land and my cats' territory is his territory. All the cats have thousands of acres of mountain to claim as theirs but they are again fighting over my turf. In the past, Zorro was the special victim of this marauder. So on Thursday night when Zorro was meowing to come inside, sounding strange and injured, I let him in immediately.

But Zorro ran right in with his tail up. His voice was muffled. By a jumping mouse. Which he released in the kitchen. Two other cats and Zorro all pounced on the mouse, which ran into the darkest part of the house and disappeared. 

The cats and I never found the mouse. It is still here somewhere. Probably dead. None of the cats care to find it any longer. And now I begin to hyperventilate when I fold laundry or move things to clean or open a cupboard or drawer. I think the only way I will find it is when it smells. That is how I found one, decomposed, under my bed. Or it will be rotting at the bottom of my hamper and I will find it when I do the laundry, which happened one other time. This tension is wearing me down.

No cat is allowed in without a mouth-check now.

Happy COT? I hope so.

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  1. And they look so innocent, too! ;-) I would be hyperventilating in that situation as well, I think. A decomposed mouse is so not a gift you want to eventually find -- but kitties don't understand and they really think they are showing their love for you by bringing you such a (to them) treasure. Which I'm sure doesn't help you to feel any better about the situation. May you find it sooner than later!

  2. Oh my, so the cats can catch snakes, but not mice? lol...I'm not a cat lover, but they are okay to pet, but not live

  3. ha..em..really need to set up check point for cat mouth next time...

    ops..torch light need to be prepared as well :)

  4. Oh, my , I couldn't stand that tension!!!! Hope you find the mouse before it finds you...
    anyways: happy tuesday, happy COT!

  5. manda has similar problems with her cat Rocky...he is always presenting her with "gifts" which isn't as bad as at least she can dispose of's the ones he hides that cause the problems.

  6. Since we have so many fruit trees on our property, the fruit attracts fruit rats. This week Anela left one on as a gift for us on a rug outside our door. It's head was neatly bitten off, but by the time I discovered it, there were a jillion ants on top of the rug. At least Anela has learned NOT to bring her kill in. It took a while, but we had MANY long talks about this when she was young, so she eventually learned.

  7. My sympathies. Oscar used to do that to me, so I know what you're going through. I've had smells and dessicated cadavers, too. Eew!

  8. Oh My Word! I would hypervenilate for sure! I hope you find it soon!!

  9. And he looks sooo innocent in the snapshot! LOL

    Mouth check or mouse check??

    Strange with all the land between you that the neighbors cat would want to horn in. Territory is something I am not that familiar with as my 3 are indoor cats.

    D :)

  10. Hahaha ! I am sure the mouse lives peacefully in your house ! I had one living under our cupboard after Pookie had brought her in and lost all interest. I had put some cheese under the table to get it out but this clever thing ate the cheese, washed its whiskers and disappeared again ! That lasted 2 weeks then finally Mr. Gattino could catch it and bring it out ! Thanks to our spoiled cats we have now mice in the house !

  11. That was a fun post to start out the day with! Nothing worse than a loose mouse in your house! They were just trying to be nice mom, remember that!

  12. Yes! A mouse somewhere in the house is always a tension!
    Several years ago I had a beautiful cat who brought me one day a ded rat in the kitchen without head and full of blood! You imagine!!! So since this day I prefer the mouses....still!!!

  13. Zorro, you are a great hunter! I've never even seen a real, live mouse. I'm an indoor-only cat, so the only mice I've ever seen are my catnip toy mice.

  14. Mouth check! Hahahahaha! I never caught a mouse before (except for my toy mousies). I am very impressed.

  15. They look like tough killing machines (the snaggletooth is awesome!). I would not want to be a mouse in your house! Hopefully it got away before it was killed and left to decompose in your laundry hamper. Good luck with the mouth checks!

    Thank you so much for your kind comment about Ms. Fuzzy. I think she would approve of us giving a home to another needy kitty too.


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