Friday, August 24, 2007

Egyptian Geometry and Other Challenges: Let’s Play Math!

Egyptian geometry and other challenges: Let’s play math!:
(1) Ahmose calculates the area of a circle as equal to a square with sides that are 8/9 of the circle’s diameter. This is the same as the standard formula for the area of a circle, , if we use an approximation for pi. What is Ahmose’s value for pi?
Stuff like this is great for those times you are not feeling on top of the world. But I found pi. Try it. Share your solution. Make me happy tonight. Ahmes's papyrus puzzles are relaxing.

I have my photo hunt for tomorrow now because of this. Geez this new project will keep me occupied all night long. Time for more diet Coke and some Mendelssohn piano stuff. 

I never told you that I bought Songs Without Words (opus 19. 30, 38, 53, 62, 67, 85, 102, etc; the whole shebang; Daniel Barenboim because Andrew said to get his recording).

When I get another piano I am getting the score of Songs so that I can play it. It seems as good as Chopin and Beethoven for these moody nights.

But I recommend it: see my iTunes widget on the left sidebar. Select "music" on the drop-down and "albums" in the tab. The Barenboim is there somewhere. Click it. Buy it. You need it.

And hurry up with your pi solution; mine will be up tonight.


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  1. Hi! there...I guess everyone has their idea of 'happy' me that would be frustrating.
    To each his own..that's what makes this world a wonderful place....we all have our differences..Have a great week!


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