Monday, August 06, 2007

Eight More Random Facts About Me

Sarala at Blogaway and Teacher Julie have both tagged me with the Eight Random Facts About Me meme. This is my second time round with this meme and I am ready to write more about myself. This is the perfect time for me to do this. For a teacher, the New Year begins on the Tuesday after Labor Day. That is true even if classes begin in August. So here are my eight New Year's resolutions (with a couple more things about me tossed in):
  1. I am actually getting psyched for the new school year. I can't believe it but it's true. I need to write goals for the upcoming school year but I am going to wait and see what the principal's and new superintendant's goals are. The state has mathematics goals and I have goals for my professional development plan. I can merge all of these into no more than four focus areas.
  2. I am going to read more this year. I will include a bit of fiction, but it will mostly be professional journals and mathematics books (which I love to read the most). I want to also remember to read Marcus Borg and Karen Armstrong.
  3. I used to be able to do that gross stuff in life: baby diapers, litter boxes. I never blinked an eye. Now I am gagging when I do litter boxes. I cannot for the life of me deal with children's loose teeth (and I teach a bunch of those fifth graders who are always losing them, bleeding from their mouths, blood dripping everywhere . . . ). My resolve for this upcoming year: do those damn litter boxes every damn week and then they won't be so damn awful!
  4. I am not the most social person. That is why blogging is so attractive to me. I can interact with people without interacting. I am going to become more social in real life this year. Not much, just a bit. A tiny bit.
  5. I get way too distracted and am easily led down non-productive but fascinating paths that teach me a lot. I need to harness this so that I can still follow these trails but not do so all day (or night) long. Any ideas, Sarala?
  6. I used to have a terror of thunderstorms. It is gone now! I guess living in the mountains with very violent storms makes one overcome the fear. Storms are so bad here that your telephone begins to ring all by itself. That's pretty weird. I am now typing this in the dark on battery power because of a bad storm overhead. If I think and type faster, I can finish this before I lose power and won't be able to post. The foundation of the house is actually vibrating.
  7. I had two days of complete misery when Wingnut went home. My overly strong reaction has its roots from when my husband died. Sometimes my body becomes confused about the difference between leaving and dying. I gotta work on discerning the difference for these good-bye-but-not-forever-times.
  8. I have found that photography is a method of getting me off of my property (where I would, if possible, never leave, even to go buy milk), and is mood elevating.
  9. I love to keep lists. Right now my table is littered with yellow pad-size sticky notes with lists. Wingnut wanted to throw some away because the wind keeps blowing them around the room. I can't throw them away unless I re-write them onto a new list!
  10. I'm in GIMPS again (I hope because I don't think mprime is doing so well). You will be seeing a whole bunch more mathematics here. I want to teach everybody and help everyone overcome math phobia.
  11. Oops. Math teacher can't count.
I tag all of my new friends:

  1. Peppylady
  2. Annalee Blysse
  3. scan man
  4. JMB
  5. alisonwonderland
  6. ailurophile
  7. Drew
  8. Opal
  9. Stephen the Dog (so sue me)
I hope I have never tagged any of them with this meme before. If any of these eight nine do not wish to participate there isn't a problem. I waited over a month before I was ready to respond to Sarala's invitation.

One more thing: be sure to click these links (Marcus Borgand Karen Armstrongand Branford Marsalis), and buy a lot of books and CDs on amazon so that I can get my Canon Rebel XTi. kthx

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  1. Thanks for visiting me! Please grab a seat, pour yourself a cold one (diet coke, tea, beer, whatever) and sty as long as you like.

    Thunderstorms always scared me. I grew up in NW Ohio (the flat part!) and we always had storms and tornadoes. I can remember when it stormed, Mom used to make us put on our shoes in case we had to run. We had no basement.

  2. Hi Meeyauw,
    I have answered this tag twice before so things about me are a bit lean. However I will think of some things eventually, so be patient.
    I read these things with interest and I'm glad I explored your blog further since the Google challenge.
    Normally I visit quickly for the Photo Hunt and am gone again. I wonder how many other Photo hunt blogs I would find interesting.

    My google earth images disappeared overnight from the post but I have reloaded them. I don't know what happened. I just saved the images to my hard drive then uploaded them to blogger, which means picasa and since google owns everything there shouldn't have been a problem. I'll watch carefully. Vijay was talking about capturing the image using some program, but I am not techie enough even to know what that means so I just did it the usual way I do for an image.

  3. You hadn't tagged me before but three other people did. I dropped a link to you on my existing post at

  4. Normally I don't do tags I actually don't mind doing some of them but I don't tag other people. Just a personal thing glad you are reading my ODD.

    P.S. the Golden River post was really just to see what Drew would do. He sometimes gets fired up over my pay per post entries and I figured I would try to slip something by him. Name choice was poor. It never cross my mind it could have some deviant meaning

  5. Hello meeyauw,
    Thanks for tagging me. I've done this one only a short while ago, so like JMB, I think I'll wait a while before I do it again. I didn't realise that you were a math teacher. Wow! I've confessed somewhere in my blog that I'm horrible at any kind of arithmetic. Don't even talk to me about trigonometry or calculus :(
    Good Luck with your search for Primes.
    A question, why is he called Wing Nut?

  6. I'll have my up Wednesday or Thursday. I'm done playing make believe over at my blog.

    I also have trouble with blogher and for some reason I can't get sign in.

  7. Thanks for doing the tag. I didn't realize you are a teacher, a Math teacher! Wow, I love Math but it doesn't love me back, especially Algebra, Calculus and Trigonometry. Hahaha..My 6yo son loves numbers, he can do the four basic operations around 5yo.

    Re Wingnut, that is just natural, to feel sad since he spent a lot of fun times with you.

    I have those pieces of paper too. Even if I list down the things I need to do in a PDA or in my mobile phone, I still feel I have to write it down on paper. At least there are no batteries to deal with just in case it goes low battery.

    I enjoyed reading your post. I enjoy your blog and your photos as well.

    Have a great week! :)

  8. I am not the most social person either. I feel more at home online than at a party or in a crowd. I can identify with that too! Thanks for invite.

  9. this is a great list! i can relate to several of your items - and i'm looking forward to seeing more mathematics here!

    i have been tagged for this meme (or something similar) before - and just now i discovered it was you who tagged me! :o) i'll play along again, though, and post some more random things!


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