Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Good News

Spotted Touch-Me-Not (Impatiens capensis), also called Jewelweed

Some good things happened today. I have a new site for my photos. It is meeyauw photo gallery at dot Mac. You can view my photos in a slide show, carousel, and other ways. If you double click a photo, you can see it full size. It seems to load fairly well. If it continues to do well, I will renew my dot Mac subscription in October.

I got some good wildflower photos today. Be sure to check out my photo of the day for Sunday. Please.

Buddy took off again for another forty-eight hours. Being me, I presumed him dead. But he is home again, asleep here on the table next to me. His disappearance was reason #2 why I did not go to Rutland.

Best of all: Possum and Turnip are home after nearly three weeks in Amy's cattery at Oasis Pet Resort while they were treated for chronic bowel inflammation (Turnip) and bladder inflammation (Possum). They are doing well and are on prescription food which they won't touch. It was wonderful to have them in bed again at nap time. I missed them badly. Their homecoming was reason #3 why I did not go to Rutland.

A field of New England Asters

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