Sunday, August 26, 2007

Halp! Backlinks Don't Work!

Safari does not see the Lat Long backlinks.

I want my backlinks to work on my blog. Right now, I am using the "related article" in the post-footer that gives an actual link to an article that I may have done a "blog this!" to. Or to any article that I want to put in the link field when I create a post.

But there is supposed to be a way to get backlinks to show up on your individual post page and mine don't. And before you ask, yes, I have enabled backlinks in the settings section of my blogs.Firefox sees the Lat Long backlinks.
Early in August, I posted a Google Earth Challenge story about Google Earth and am still getting a lot of traffic off of that (over 200 hits because of my article). The reason? The backlink at the Lat Long Blog. Using Safari, I went to see the backlink to me on the original post and could not see any backlinks. I went there with Firefox and saw all the backlinks. Sometimes Safari does see the backlinks (sometimes it sees them but they don't work, too).

Safari sees the Blogger Buzz backlinks:
Part of the problem is the browser. Hopefully that will be fixed in October with OS 10.5.

But the basic problem is still my template. Firefox does not see any backlinks (and I know they are there after a Google blog search for links). Vin has told me to use Firefox on a PC to see my backlinks. That isn't going to work. I only see a PC at work, and the school took Firefox off of all the PCs after we had huge problems with java scripts.

Google has the backlink code but I haven't been able to figure out where to insert it in my template. I always get parsing errors because I put it in the wrong spot. The instructions are not clear about where to put it.

Ever try to get in touch with anybody at Google with a question? It don't work. There is no e-mail spot to ask. The moderators on the Google Groups are becoming rude and unmangeable. So if any of you know how to fix this frustrating backlinks thing, please let me know.

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  1. I've never even understood how backlinks work or what they're for so can't help you. Hope someone can help :o) Keep smiling

  2. Sorry for coming back to this 6 or more monthslater, but have you been able to find any more about it? My backlinks disappeared months ago, I'm not exactly sure when, and nothing I do will show them. I know they are there because I am getting the traffic - and some are internal anyway.

    I've tried the Google forum but the question hasn't been answered and found you had been to Dummies Guide to Beta Blogger too.

    I suppose it isn't critical, but it irritates me.

  3. Funny you should ask, A, because this past week I tried looking around again . . . and nothing. More mysterious than the missing backlinks seem to be that not one person anywhere responded at all. Three blogger sites and the Blogger Help Group. I use the Technorati stuff now, and settle for that. But it is a mystery. Thank you for checking back.


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