Wednesday, August 15, 2007

It's Too Hot Here

It was 84 freaking degrees here when I arrived at 3 PM! What is this? I have no shorts, nothing cool to wear at all!

So I went outside because there were sunflowers. They are in an overgrown old garden but they are sunflowers.

I disturbed this little cat that was hunting birds in the yard. There are bird body parts strewn about. But they are all starlings. The starlings that have left the Northeast Kingdom because it is too freaking cold.

So this little cat was upset that I upset her hunting and stood way down near the river at the edge of the garden and watched me watching her.

One of the wild sunflowers in the broiling sweltering hot sun.

I won't tell you the real reason for coming down to Rutland until the Photo Hunt on Saturday. I'm excited about it and hope you come back to see what I've got.

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  1. Two lovely posts. It sounds like very changeable temperatures...a bit like here in the UK at the moment. I wonder what treat you have in store for Saturday?

  2. It's been too hot night and day here in Spain...looking forward to september with much more pleasant temperatures.
    Beautiful sunflower!
    Let's see what you post on saturday :)

  3. Of course I'll be back. You've created an insatiable curiosity that I can't resist. See what you've done? Lol!

    I was the 10 thousandth visitor??! And no bells and fireworks? I'm!

    As for your question about our weather...yes, it's warming up. It's really cold for about two months and then the rest of the year isn't too bad. Of course, I love summer. A lot of people don't. Although "spring" officially starts on 01 Sept, we don't have defined seasons as's the wet or the dry season. Summer's wet...for about four months...December, January, February and tapering off in March, the rest of the year is relatively dry.

    Hope this helps!

  4. Pretty sunflower! I will be back to see the PhotoHunters post, for sure.


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