Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Rev. Chuck Currie: High Point Church: Only Buries Non-Gays

The Rev. Chuck Currie: High Point Church: Only Buries Non-Gays

Also, please read "What Happened to 'Judge Not, Lest Ye Be Judged?'" from Street Prophets blog.

Rev. Currie provides a link so that you can e-mail the church and request that they re-consider this horrendous action. I did:
I am so dismayed by the actions your church took on the memorial service for Mr. Sinclair. Above all else, Christ wanted us to love each other. He commanded it. Yet more and more in this country and in parts of the world, there is hostility, hatred and judgement.

Please please reconsider for the sake of the family that is suffering so deeply now. Mr. Sinclair was a child of God and deserves our love.
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  1. Lot of action of so called Christian religion can get me fired up on there judgment and action to others.
    Yes Jesus had the right ideal about how to treat our fellow human

    I don't have a problem with any theory of religious ideology but some of people who are involved can ruffle my feathers mostly people like Rev Currie.

  2. That's a really sad story. It just sounds mean spirited, hurting someone's family and friends when they're grieving.

    So much judgmental behavior out there, and not just Christians or religious types. We have a lot of environmental, social justice and health-and-well-being types in my current home town who can get pretty mean-spirited and judgmental as well.

  3. peppylady,

    You wrote that I "ruffle (your) feathers.' Since we do not each other I'd be interested if you could explain a bit more as to how I ruffle those feathers of yours.

    The Rev. Chuck Currie


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