Sunday, August 12, 2007

Shaking Dry

shaking dry, originally uploaded by paul+photos=moody.

This is, I think, the third photo of paul+photos=moody that I have blogged. Paul is also a Vermonter. I found his loon photos immediately after I posted my own. There seem to be a lot of loon photos on Flickr suddenly. But click here to see Paul's. His shots of baby loons are wonderful.

I urge you to go look because they are clear, close up, and amazing.

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  1. Hi meeauw, NOMSS means --not of my species special freind--
    It's a game played among the feline population lately about going outside our species and making a freind and blogging about them and with them. My special NOMSS friend is my cousin, Elise...Auntie Paula's basset I'm learning all kinds of new words for things that my species uses.


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