Friday, August 17, 2007

Speaking Australian (Or Why I Love My Mac)

Catch Up What's Going On Around Here from Kat's Cradle.
(click on the image to see what I mean)
I had forgotten this tool that we have.
Now I don't have to ask for translations.

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  1. Hahahahaha! Meeyauw, we'll make an Aussie of you yet!

    Hey, it pays to advertise, don't worry about being shameless. If it brings readers to your blog, it's aaaalllll good.

    Take care and have a great weekend when it comes to you (it's Friday night here).

  2. The screen cap says you were doing this at 12:55 AM on Friday!!
    Baaad meeyauw. No mice for a week ;)

    Hey I forgot how to bring up the contextual dictionary thingy! Is it alt+click? But then I don't use Safari that often.

  3. Ok I found it. Ctrl+Cmd+D is the key combo, which for some reason doesn't work in my iBook :( Right-click and look up in Dictionary does the trick though :)

  4. Ahah. You can't keep a good nerd down. It was Cmd+Shift+D after you place the pointer on the word or select the word.
    Now I can eat my dinner in peace :)

  5. The Dictionary is not supported on Firefox, my default browser. I tried. You get a contextual menu on ctrl+click-ing that lets you search Google for the selected word.


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