Friday, August 03, 2007

Spiders in the Rain

We had violent hail-filled thunderstorms this afternoon. We were losing power off and on all day. One bolt struck the land between us and the neighbors with the horses (about one-half mile east) and there was a lightning bolt that skittered across my front yard the whole length of the house. But it moved horizontally about six inches from the ground!

I went out after the third such storm (and before the fourth) and found that all the barn spiders were out in their webs. This is very unusual. They usually hide, out of sight, under the eaves of the house or barn.

Please be sure to click on each photo to see them in the original size in a new window.

The night is now calm with mist and fog all over the meadow and mountain, spilling down to the house. The crickets and frogs are making their noises. The snipe is still here occasionally talking. It's a beautiful night.

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  1. Oh...I just can't get over how talented you are with your photography. The spider pictures are just great.
    I love those kinds of storms, even if they are dangerous. They are exhilarating and make me greateful for life. I live in a very in active weather zone most of the time. I look forward to windy days and nights, and cloudy skies. I'm grateful for this place, but I does miss a good thungerstorm.
    I'm sorry your summer with Wingnut is over. I'll miss hearing about him and seeing his pictures.

    Dorothy and Gretchen

  2. Those are magnificent shots. I'm fascianted with spiders but I appreciate them more from a distance. Although I admire them, I'm not too keen on holding one. :)

  3. This is a fantastic post!Well done.


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