Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Writing To Learn Math? Let’s Play Math!

Writing to learn math? Let’s play math!

Let's Play Math! is great blog for mathematics teachers. This post about writing math (math journals) is important to me because of my problems successfully implementing math journals. I want to develop metacognition in my students and that is a difficult thing to do. With all the stresses and pressures to increase scores and performance in a huge curriculum, metacognition gets pushed off to the side. Yet without it, I don't believe students will succeed as well as they can. Knowledge of their own thinking will also help many math phobic children overcome their anxiety.

Another excellent resource at this blog is Free (Mostly) Math Resources On The Internet. These are valuable sources, not just a long list of sites with replicated material.



  1. It's interesting to read about your experiences with math education, and instilling math appreciation in students. It sounds like there's a lot of pressures from all sides.

    Thanks for your kind words about my Monterey Bay post at CatSynth. It's nice to know that these articles are appreciated :).

  2. The best of luck with it, Meeyauw. Math was a hated subject for me and a friend of mine, who was a teacher, suggested I hadn't been taught properly. Looking back on it, she's right, but school was a pretty barbaric far as teachers were concerned. They'd humiliate one, single one out of sarcastic remarks and of course, favour their "pets".

    No-one could be taught properly in an atmosphere like that. So, I hope you can get it going...good for you!


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