Friday, September 21, 2007

Amy Made Lava Cakes

On Labor Day weekend, Amy and I went to the Glover store and got more King Arthur lava cake mixes. The dates on the packages there are old but it doesn't matter one bit because the mixes always come out perfect. The first photo up above is what a lava cake is like when it is all finished, just before it is gobbled up. If your store does not have the mix, order it directly from King Arthur. It is more than worth it.

Amy began making them quietly, so I missed photographing the mixing part (it's so easy that even I enjoy making them). These are the little silicon pans that come in the mix (you can get a mix without pans, also). They are sprayed with Pam-like spray (but not Pam, which is artificial, the stuff we use is real). It looks like ordinary batter, doesn't it?

Right out of the oven, the cakes look like this.

They begin to crack a tiny bit as they cool
(but you have to eat them warm, if not hot).

Of course, Zorro (and Possum, who can't be seen here) has to help.

The first hot lava cake is overturned on a plate.

Lava cake unmolded.

Lava erupts!
Who can wait for whipped cream or
homemade raspberry sauce from this year's raspberries?

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  1. Loks Yum to me I'll be right over. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I do love Bessie she is a great dog. I have four cats and borrowed dog as well. Get's crazy sometimes. Sopia looks like a great dog too.

  2. Oh, blast this diabetes -- if it weren't for that, I would be ordering the mix, no doubt about it! It looks delicious!

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog. The lava cakes looks yummy!

  4. oh that looks like chocolate melting cake that carnival cruiselines has every night! mmmmm....

    smiles, bee

  5. Looks yummy! Nice of Zorro to inspect your work.

  6. drew: oh they were! I like them better then the chocolate indulgence cake.

    bundle: mmmmmmmmmmm!!

    Suzanne: they may have some sugar-free things. when I was at King Arthur store, I seem to remember something. I will check.

    Vivian, Empress Bee, Rachel and Theresa: Amy let me take two cakes to Rutland. Mr. T and I had them; they are all gone now!! But at least Mr. T didn't eat them as he ate my chocolate indulgence cake!

  7. There is a cookbook by Nigella Lawson (I actually own all of her books and LOVE her show on the Style network, she is just so...the way I've always wished I was. Anyhow, her cookbook (one of the best!) called 'How To Eat' has a receipe called 'Gooey Chocolate Puddings' that are ARE these lava cakes from scratch. I love this cookbook, I cook from it all the time.

  8. Those look fantastic! Did you eat them with ice cream too?


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