Friday, September 14, 2007

Beth & Cory's Mom: Smile Award

Beth & Cory's Mom: Smile Award

Anna at Beth & Cory's Mom gave me Smile Award. This award was created by Bridget at ". . .And Miles To Go Before We Sleep . . ." I am honored that Anna awarded this to me and pleased that I have made her smile. She enjoys the photo of Buddy in my Flickr favorited photos. He is hanging in the toilet. It has been one of my most popular Flickr photos and my first photo that made Explore.

So many many bloggers have made me smile for different reasons. The blogs below will actually make you laugh, which has been rare in my life lately. Go visit them and guffaw:

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  1. Congratulations!

    Very funny photo of Buddy by the way. I thought only dogs did that until I once had a toilet water loving cat too!

    I'll have to check out those blogs when I have more time. I am always on the lookout for a good laugh!

  2. Response to your "Oh isn't this funny and I think others would find it funny" motive: Thanks for the shout out. It's really great to know that I made someone laugh.

    Response to your "I'm gonna get booted off the internet at work because of this guy's post so I'm gonna get him back" motive: Oh, man. I'm so bad at this. All my awards just keep piling up in a big guilt-inducing pile. Every time I log on I think about the awards I should be passing on, and now the burden is increased. Oh, the horror!


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