Monday, September 24, 2007

Cats Tuesday: Cat Trees

In all these years, I have never seen Charlie climb a tree. But he was pretty frisky one night this past week when I was out with the camera. He raced around me a few times and then ran up the nearest tree.

Going up.

The highest he's going to go.

Going down.

If you click on the photos, they will open full size in a new window. Thank you for stopping by. I'll be visiting you as soon as I can. I have no class this Tuesday night, so I can see you today!

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  1. Very feisty behavior Charlie! Aren't you clever! Happy Cats on Tuesday!

    (Mine's not up yet, I just stopped by to say hi. I'll probably get it on later tonight after the kids go to bed.)

  2. Maybe Charly becomes a sports(man)cat, lol ! Arthur once climbed so high in our wheeping willow tree he couldn't get down but when Mr. Gattino climbed up to help him he suddenly could, so Mr. Gattino sat in the tree, Arthur besides me and I was laughing my head off !

  3. Charlie, I am very impressed with your climbing ability! We don't have any trees in our tiny yard, so when I've been out there in my harness, I haven't been able to try climbing a tree. Those are great photos of you Charlie!

  4. Unfortunately my cats can't gp outside. They don't miss what they don't know, but they would envy Charlie for sure if they saw this!
    My cats are yawning this week. :-)

  5. Wow you are a good climber Charly!I´m impressed!
    Great photos !

  6. Lucky it wasn't a very high tree.

  7. How brave and daring of Charlie! My former cat, Chester, used to love to climb trees, too, and one Thanksgiving morning I found him yowling loudly in the top of a tall tree and had to call one of my sons to get him down. As he got older, he chose shorter trees. ;-) I will have to share pictures of him doing that, too, sometime. Nice shots you got!

  8. Charlie is a fast one! He's good sized, too!

    Great capture.

    D :)

  9. Charlie is a sport boy!!! A cat in a tree by night! Good photos! You make me think it is a long time since I didn't see my cats in a tree! I will try to capture a pic if I can!

  10. Nice meeting you Charlie! Great actions shots! Climbing trees seems like fun, I wonder if its anything like when I climb up the window screens.


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