Monday, September 10, 2007

Cats Tuesday: Cat Walk

You may remember me writing that Buddy loves to walk in the woods with people. Late this summer, the other two Bad Boys began joining me. There is an area above my house that is flat and gravely, which is where you see the three of them here. You notice they keep their distance from each other (Buddy and Charlie hate each other). What was fun with only Buddy is now more fun with all three of the boys.

Charlie Laser-Eyes


Buddy Laser-Eyes

In other Bad Boy news: On the great Labor Day Weekend reunion, we noticed that the red squirrels were screeching at us while we sat outside in the front door yard. We have lived peacefully enough with these tiny squirrels all summer without a problem so we did not know why they were so furious with us. Red squirrels are a bit larger than a chipmunk but don't have the chipmunk stripes or tail. They are very aggressive, nasty and tiny animals and make quite a racket when upset. They often invade houses and live in attics over the winter.

While photographing spiders in the back this week, I found out why they were angry: there was a long-dead red squirrel under the kitchen window. It had obviously been left as a gift the past weekend when its relatives were hollering at us.

I delayed disposing of the poor thing. I usually get a shovel or rake and take all the cat kills into the woods to provide food for other animals. Too lazy to walk all around the long house to the garage, I let the little dead squirrel just lay there. In the meantime, some more kills accumulated at the front door.

Jon mowed late last week. And he disposed of all of the kills before he mowed. I have to thank him because it is a nasty chore that he must have done many times all summer. There have been four star-nosed moles, more birds than usual, uncounted shrews, voles, jumping mice, field mice, one bat and one red squirrel. The cats had a very productive summer.

Happy COT! The fall college semester has begun so I won't be able to visit your posts until late Tuesday night and Wednesday night (we can't blog at work! Can you imagine?)

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  1. Three brave hunters...I love the blue laser eyes.

  2. All three look like they are enjoying their walk. They are also very good hunters! I wonder what it would be like to actually hunt something?

  3. It sounds as if a mass murderer went through your garden with all these corpses, lol ! We only have red squirrels here but not so much so it's always an event when we see one. It's nice when you have cat company while walking. Arthur always follows us when we walk in the street, he loves it. I have a camcorder but never used it since Rosie is with us. I don't know how to put the videos on my computer but with my little camera it's so easy it just goes with the pictures.

  4. Three lucky cats to have this area to explore! They seem to like it a lot. :-)

  5. Prolific hunters! my goodness! What a haul.

    Love the laser eyes. We call them little green eyed monsters at our house.

    D :)

  6. How dare they not allow you to blog at work! What are they thinking??!

    The laser eyes made me laugh! They are true killers indeed. What a haul!

    I wish my cats could come on walks with me. That must be fun walking with a feline contingent.

    Happy COT!

  7. I know when cats follow you. I had a beautiful cat when I was a little girl and he was like a dog! When I was walking in the wood , he was always behind me!
    I can't blog at work too! But it's a real pleasure to discoverall the comments when I come back at home!

  8. Do you know which one is making the kills? My mama had a cat that would leave a gift everyday.

  9. The only cat that has ever kept me company outside was my Chester. Sometimes he would try to follow me when I walked on the road, and I would have to go back and put him in the house if I could catch him. The road can be deadly for cats. I think it's very neat that yours accompany you when you walk. The laser eyes would likely strike fear into these kitties' prey. ;-)

  10. Zorro looks ready to hunt- my cat has a great hunting pose but after that his pouncing is very weak. enjoyed your cat adventures

    Also I find it unbelievable they won't let you blog at work :)

  11. Ah, the mighty hunters. It reminds me a bit of seeing cats in that triangular field nearby. But of course this trio is great to see, both from a distance and close up. Of course, I have a soft spot for black cats :)

    Hey, I did another CT highway article last friday (CT 11 this time), thought you might be amused by that.

  12. I keep meaning to participate in this. Tuesdays have been tough, I have to do some of these weekly memes ahead of time. Great shots.


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