Saturday, September 15, 2007

Hummie's World: Photography Challenges

Hummie has photography challenges also. I keep meaning to do another one but I haven't because since school started I have not been able to get my life organized. My school life is organized, though!

In order to organize my life, I decided to organize Hummie's challenges here so that they will be at the tip of my fingers:
July  6    Depth of Field Challenge
July 16 Night Shot Challenge
July 21 Blurring Background Challenge
July 26 Shutter Speed Challenge
July 30 Camera Filters Challenge
Aug 5 Light Metering Challenge
Aug 8 ISO Challenge
Aug 15 Light Challenge
Aug 19 Frames Challenge
Aug 27 Lines Challenge
Aug 28 Texture Challenge
Sept 6 Rule of Thirds Challenge
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  1. Oh my goodness, I've been wanting to do an index like this to my challenges...and you did it for me! I feel so honored.

    I am glad the rule of thirds challenge and how to focus is helping you.

    I have more challenges ready..but no time...this past week was really busy for me. I appreciate that you are reading the challenges as with little participation, just knowing it has helped one person makes it worthwhile.


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