Saturday, September 29, 2007

It's Really Me

I apologize for the confusion today. I am now posting with my real and actual first name, Andrée. I have hidden behind "meeyauw" long enough and wanted to do this. But it never occurred to me that other people would be confused, so I apologize. The postings are signed now with my name, as are my e-mails and the blog itself (top of left sidebar). There is no new person behind meeyauw, it is me, the same as always! From total anonymity I have moved to half-anonymity. 



  1. Either way is okay. I hope no one was too confused.

  2. I thought you made a mistake or something. :-) Welcome to semi anonymity!

  3. Hi Andree --

    Yeah, was a bit surprised when I followed your link back to your blog and found...Meeyauw! Anyways, congrats on your decision to go towards half anonymity -- the only thing I regret is that I haven't figured out how to actually type out your name with that thingy on top of the first e! ;S

  4. so does this mean you are my mommy?

  5. I love your real name and now I can identify it with Meeyauw. :)


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