Sunday, September 30, 2007

Midwestern Wilderness: Yellow Jacket vs. Orb-Weaver Spider

Midwestern Wilderness: Yellow Jacket vs. Orb-Weaver Spider

I found this wonderful photographer, Moe, in Iowa, the other day: he takes great spider shots. What fascinated me about this series of photos is that the yellow jacket (which is a yellow baldfaced hornet) was eating the barn spider. My barn spider trapped the hornets and ate them.

You also must check out this post of Moe's: Midwestern Wilderness: Orb-Weaver Spider: The Marionette

Midwestern Wilderness is a blog of Moe and Brian from Iowa. There are photographs of dozens of birds, butterflies, mamamals, plants and too many things to name. It is excellently organized.

Moe and Brian have recently moved their blog to Iowa Voice. I found another fantastic spider photo and great info on many topics. Make sure that this blog is the next click you take.

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