Sunday, September 30, 2007

National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat

The sign on the barn last week as the leaves began to turn and mist comes down Barton Mountain.

Back in July, Wingnut and I set out to certify my property with the National Wildlife Federation as a Certified Wildlife Habitat. It was one of the easiest jobs we've ever done because we didn't have to do a thing. But we made a video and observed much. I did learn that I have more seeps (underground springs) and wild apple trees than I had ever thought. The habitat around the seeps is different than the habitat ten feet from the seep.

Buddy (left) and Wingnut (right) hiking in July.

A seep (underground spring): an important source of water for wildlife.

Charlie and the sign.

I finally sent my money in for the certification and the sign ($41.50, so I had to wait over a month until I could justify this luxury). The sign came last week and I promptly took photos of it after I banged it into the barn wall. The leaves were just beginning to turn. I hope you can appreciate the beauty of where I live from these photos.

I don't have the greatest barn in the world but it's going to last forever: it's built on cedar. And it is mine (and the cats). Who would have ever thought I would own land, a barn and a hundred year old house in Vermont? All by myself, all alone.

After years of adjusting to being a widow, the "alone" part is painful now. But someday there will be a Mr. Meeyauw to share this beauty and peace. And to share murderous cats, playful skunks, threatening moose, crazy dogs, church suppers, library movie nights, coyotes hunting beaver, herds of deer in the yard, does with fawns in the meadows, innumerable birds, and insanity-producing winters.

My thanks to Mom Unplugged who first wrote of this program here in her blog Unplug Your Kids. You have taught me so much and reminded me of the reasons why I am a teacher.

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  1. How wonderful! You must be so proud to have achieved all this. And you have chosen a beautiful place to live.

  2. Hi Andree...great pics. I love the barn. As, by the looks of it, do the cats! Thanks for visiting my blog by the way. We both live in beautiful areas by the looks of it. :)

  3. Thank you so much for the kind words Andree. I am glad that you finally got your sign up!

    Your photos are gorgeous. I know you said that the leaves are peak now and were just starting when you took those photos, but they look truly lovely nonetheless. Having grown up in the North East (Upstate New York), I must say I miss the fall color. Although we get lovely yellow Aspens here, it is not the same to me.

    What a gorgeous part of the world you inhabit! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  4. Congrats on the certification! I'm hoping to have one of those signs one day myself. As soon as we move out of this concrete jungle.

    - You newest reader.

  5. Your property is so beautiful! I love the photo of Buddy and Wingnut hiking.

  6. Fabulous! Thanks for sharing. :)
    Tag, you're It!

  7. Isn't it entertaining when the cat comes walkies with you! Mine used to, also used to come when I called her in the middle of the night. She would come pinging out of the bushes all wet and purring!

  8. Andree. That's just wonderful to have your beautiful place as a wildlife habitat. I'm so excited for you.

    Thanks for your comments during the madness last week...this week, I'm recovering, not doing much of anything at all.

    I hope we get some great photos of your wildlife again.

    Have a great week. Hugs

  9. Good for you for doing this. I've thought of making the effort myself (in my small urban backyard) but first I'd have to put in a water source. Maybe after the winter is over.
    What a lovely place you have.


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