Friday, September 14, 2007

Photowalking with the Dogs

I took a photowalk with the dogs. The domestic and wild animals were very curious to see Scout and Sophie: the horses, other dogs, birds, squirrels, and cats all watched and chatted with their ears up and alert.

There will be no Photo Hunt for me this week. Things have been extremely hectic and I need to catch up with my blogging and cleaning. The weather is going to be lousy so it's the perfect weekend for both, and for reading and resting.

Check back soon, and thank you for watching the slide show of the photo walk.

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  1. Hai meeyauw... miss you at photohunt this week.. :-) btw, I have done your tag..

    have a great weekend!


  2. What a fun and pretty walk. Thanks for taking us along with you!

  3. Meeyauw, I loved the video of your walk...what beautiful country.

    Horses, dogs, squirrels and Buddy, who was extremely fluffled. Thank you for the lovely stroll in your world.

  4. I look forward to many a photowalk from you Meeyauw. Thanks for joining the New England Photowalking group on Flickr.

    These were great shots.


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