Monday, September 10, 2007

Poetry 180 - Lines

Poetry 180 - Lines

Poetry 180 has started a new year. This poem by Martha Collins is the fifth of 180 for the academic year. The Poetry 180 project provides one poem a day for American high schools. I learned of it in the Billy Collins Live audiobook. Mr. Collins is the former poet laureate of the United States. A poem a day is a relaxed way for me to enjoy poetry in my own way at my own pace and to enlarge my knowledge of it.

The RSS feed for Poetry 180 is difficult to find, so I give it to you here:

Once in awhile there is even a "math poem" that I can share with middle schoolers (some of the poetry at Poetry 180 is inappropriate for my younger kids): like Numbers by Mary Cornish.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the feed. I wouldn't have thought to look for it, but now I'm glad to have it. I think I can enjoy poetry this way, too.

    I'm giving you an award. Come on over and get it!


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