Sunday, September 09, 2007

Spiders and Math

Spider photo taken in total darkness in garage at night with only a flash.
After I processed the shot in iPhoto, I saw this little spider in the web.
I sienna'd the photo in iPhoto.

OK, so I'm too tired. The heat the past three days was intolerable and now it is wonderfully cold. I was so sick in the heat so my weekend in Rutland was, of course, enjoyable, but in a sickly sort of way. We couldn't do a thing except watch movies and compute. Today there was so much rain it was more movies and computing. But there is a Dunkin Donuts store in Rutland (none around here; no junk food places here at all), so we had doughnuts.

Updates on spiders:

jonathan at JD2718 left me a couple of comments in my post Text Savvy: The Hitch. He gave me a clue on that 3s puzzle but also left a great link to a spider photo you won't believe: Giant Spiderweb controversy continues!: Bug Girl’s Blog. This post on the spiderweb was also noted in Millard Fillmore's Bathtub. Go to Bug Girl's links in the post about another giant web in California. Pretty scary!

jonathan than posted his spider and cat photos at Figs, Spider, Kitties, Olive, Salad: JD2718. In the comments on his post is a link to this photo: big spider1 by whatsit.

Going through my feeds today, I found Bird Watching in Vancouver - Expat Travels : From Switzerland to Canada. Besides the other fantastic photos, there is an excellent spider photo. Be sure to click on it to view it large.

Finally, about jonathan's help with the 3s puzzle. And this is ironic (I'm reaching, but a good teacher connects knowledge, right?) because spiders have eight legs . . .

So now I have two of the three needed solutions to the puzzle. But I can't claim to have found these solutions myself. But mathematics is not a solo activity in our classrooms, so this will be a good story for the kids this week. I'll have the third solution, I am sure, after the puzzle deadline is over.

With my next spider photo, I will explain my fascination and past horror of these creatures. My photos are helping me overcome this phobia and that is a good thing (for me in this case).

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  1. Hi Meeyauw,

    The dragonfly in my side bar is a Four Spotted chaser, it isone of the more common ones and one of the first to emerge each year.
    The close up os made up of its eyes,you can see the 100's of lenses that make up the eye, the white bit is part of its mouth and the two antena are called frons.
    I love the picture and it looks really good blown up to A4.

    Hope this helps.


  2. Interesting stuff! :)

    I prefer an avoidance method of dealing with my arachnaphobia. Unfortunately, Poor Hubby will need help in a portion of our house that is happy-spider-land... I'm offering $ for him to find someone else to help him!

    If you'd like to join in on a friendly type of global warming, stop by!


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