Friday, September 07, 2007

Text Savvy: The Hitch

Text Savvy: "Write three different mathematical expressions that have the same value as 9. The hitch? . . . "

I'm making you click the link above if you want to know the hitch. I only have (3^3) ÷ 3. Just one lousy solution.

Well, I'm brain dead. I even went here to see if perhaps I could do it in another number base. When that didn't work, I went out with the cats to take some photos. The only good photo (of photos of dead Black-eyed susans, a sun-lit jet in flight, cats and trees) was of my hornet-eating spider. But my barn spider (that's what it is, by the way) photos are making too many people squeamish. The thing is bigger now. The hornet nest looks dead or dying.

It's Friday night. I feel my only ability at this moment is taking photos of spiders. When I browse through my iPhoto albums, all I see is pestilence: spiders and hornets, webs and nests.

It's too hot to go to Rutland until tomorrow. I learned from a call from Dottie that my voice mail is not working. Also, I learned there is a women's retreat tomorrow at Evelyn's house in Jeffersonville. I need the company of women now, not of men or children. But I can't go since I already have plans. I don't know what to do about tomorrow's Photo Hunt.

So don't scroll down because my gross barn spider is down below. These are the best of tonight's shots:

This jet is flying to Montreal over my own personal,
peaceful, quiet airspace and it is damn intrusive.
Not to mention carbon polluting.

All three of the Bad Boys now walk with me.

It's starting.

See the spider in the top right?

She's getting fat on hornets.
I guess too much of anything is bad.

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  1. Neat idea. It works easily if you choose base 8...

    I do like the spiders and cats. I try to take pictures of spiders, but nothing so nice as what you have

  2. Thank you, jonathan. I had only looked to see what 9 was in other bases. But of course, with an expression you need operations. Put up your spider pics. We can see whose spider is grossest!

  3. Oh my, that's one ugly bug! I would probably be brave to try to get a photo too...but then kill it!

    I am having trouble staying on your blog still...having to refresh

  4. Tell me you haven't been here yet. Now, those are spiders!

    I ran into pretty stiff webs in Greece a year ago, but nothing on that scale.

  5. That spider is fat! I'm not too fond of spiders but it's a great photo! ;)

  6. I love to watch a spider and her web, I have a spider who loyally constructs her web on my porch each and every year, she then wraps her victims in her web and then drags them up to the corner of the porch and stores them for safe keeping, she will then remove her web, and it will reappear once again at a later time, I have to watch for her to make sure I don't acidently walk into her web and destroy it for her.


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