Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Third Skunk Encounter

Because of the heat, the death of Kitten, and stress caused by Anna's deep sadness, I was not able to sleep except for three hours on Tuesday night. I gave up at 4 AM on Wednesday morning and let the cats out into the dark. Fifteen minutes later, I happened to look out the window. In the side yard, Buddy and Zorro were playing and actively interacting with a skunk! (If you don't remember my other adventures with skunks, you can click here and here if you care to read about them.)

The skunk had been trying to dig up grubs but the cats kept pouncing on it as if it were another cat. The skunk was irritated and pounced back. When she did that, the boys thought she wanted to play and pounced again. This kept up for quite awhile. I experienced a meteoric rise in blood pressure. The cats and skunk were close enough to the house so that I was hesitant to close the windows because the noise of closing them might trigger a skunk hit.

What do you do when you don't know what to do? Walk away. So I did. When I returned to the window fifteen minutes later, the gang had gone somewhere else.

Two hours later, driving down my road, I saw this rainbow that arched over the entire town of Barton from Orleans and my mountain to Barton Village. Kitten's rainbow bridge.

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  1. Wow. What a beautiful rainbow picture. That's amazing.

    I'm glad nobody got skunked.

    I'm sorry your Anna lost her kitten. I'm purring for her loss.


  2. And I think I never saw a skunk in my life ! Hope your cats didn't smell too bad ! Your rainbow is beautiful. You know with your daughter it will last some time. Sadness doesn't go away that quick.

  3. I feel sure that the rainbow was sent by Kitten to let you know that she is safe and playing at the Rainbow Bridge.

  4. Skunks don't seem to be very least it didn't get miffed.
    Apparently a skunk was nearby the other night, Poor Hubby & I got to go to bed surrounded by the odor (our window was open & the room filled up with it...ugh).
    That's a beautiful photo & a very beautiful thought. :)

  5. Oh what a beautiful rainbow.
    It is like God gave you a colorful hug that day in your sorrow!

    I am so sorry about "Kitten."


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