Sunday, September 30, 2007

Two Short Moose Non-Encounters

No photos. I have bus duty two mornings a week at school. Last week the principal came out and told us that a bull moose was in the village. The village is two roads that parallel each other, 50 feet apart, for 100 yards; the moose was on the other road. The principal waited while I got my camera from my car, but of course, the bull never came. We kept our eyes extra open in case he did come and we had to get 100 kids inside the school quickly.


No photos again. Amy tied the dogs out from the back bathroom door last night and they immediately began barking wildly. We were concerned, not because of moose, but because of that skunk that has been hanging around for a week. It has been on the opposite side of the house from where Buddy and Zorro were harrassing it. The past two nights this skunk has shot and there have not been pleasant odors here. So Amy hollered at the dogs to be quiet and get back in. Sophie did come in. But Scout refused. Amy suddenly began calling me, a bit panicky. When I got there, I helped quiet the dogs. Amy said there was a big animal making big noises in the woods where it was walking. Also, it was snorting. I figure it was a moose. A bear is noisy walking through the woods but sounds like a dog. The dogs came in and we all went to bed (even all the cats).

We lost power from midnight to 5 AM. This morning, as I read this week's paper (which comes Thursday) I saw that this was another scheduled outage to repair stuff. I should read the paper earlier in the week.


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