Sunday, October 07, 2007

Carnival of Math #18: JD2718

Carnival of Math #18: JD2718

Infinity, fractal patterns in the Kalahari, the problems with calculators, T3 conferences (an idea that I always suspected!), college math instruction, the Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic in sixth grade (I've done that!), the crossing number inequality (I have to do that), gifted and talented education (I went from Connecticut, where GAT was important, to Vermont, where GAT is ignored), a LOLCat?, NCLB assessments (my post!), polyhedra paper folding (a blogging friend), Diophantine equations and the products of digits (I participated!), another Pythagorean Theorem proof (got to check out that one), why is the US outta TIMSSA (we all know, right?), and many many other wonderful topics.

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